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Released in 2017, We Are Baddies is a subversive ready to wear clothing brand which cerebrates the French’s know how.

The brand positions itself as a pillar of self acceptance, self affirmation for everyone without being concerned about the gender and society’s requirements.

Asymmetry, futurism, sensuality and comfort are the brand’s universe’s key words which are combined through each collection thanks to a sharp design and quality materials.

The brand’s ability to respect its promise of quality is the outcome of a local production line. The pieces are manufactured by local artisans in the Parisian area who shares We Are Baddies’ ethical and eco-responsible values.

Choosing WAB is choosing to break the standards and highlight your personality day-to-day.

Be the only leader of your clothing identity by embodying the fierce and audacious baddie sleeping inside of you.

Affirm yourself, We Are Baddies !


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